Another Salad

So many of the meals I make are essentially salads and after reading Alice Waters’ A Delicious Cooking Revolution I can’t imagine this is going to stop any time soon. Ms Waters’ writes a whole chapter on salad and dressing and this is just the beginning. It’s the attention to detail that makes her writing so enrapturing and this translates to her recipes as well. Making a salad is not just a case of throwing everything together, no matter what Jamie might tell you. A good salad has so many variants: season, ingredients and just personal opinion but here’s what I think is a quick and easy summer lunch option: butter bean and anchovy salad.



Half a can butter beans

About 7 baby plum tomatoes

A small carrot

A handful of pumpkin seeds

3-4 anchovy fillets


1 desertspn extra virgin olive oil

¾ desertspn red wine vinegar

½ tspn dijon mustard

¼ tspn caster sugar

¼ tspn dried oregano

Freshly ground salt and pepper

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