Fennel Coleslaw



I remember reading once that the recommended daily allowance of fibre is 18g.


18g. No more. No less.


Nowadays, the Food and Drink Federation are a little more lax and a range is offered: 18-30g. Despite the 12g scope for variation, we are still expected to eat what can only be considered as, a lot of bran flakes.


Having left the classroom behind, I tend to be less concerned with numbers but the principle of a hearty, nutritious diet has stuck with me. A friend and I invented this coleslaw over a Scandinavian inspired lunch and were very pleased with the results. Heaped on top of rye bread and oily fish this is a very tasty smørrebrød.

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Fennel Coleslaw


Serves 3 (or 2 greedy people)


1 head of fennel

1 big carrot

5 little gherkins

1 tbspn capers

½ small clove garlic

1 tbspn sunflower seeds

½ tbspn sesame seeds

½ tbspn golden linseed

¼ tspn fennel seed

1 splosh of extra virgin olive oil

1 splosh of rice wine vinegar

½ tsp light brown sugar

lots of sea salt and cracked black pepper


-       Start by grating the carrots.

-       Then grate the fennel, releasing the wonderful aniseed aroma.

-       Put the grated vegetables into a large bowl.

-       Finely chop the gherkins, capers and garlic. Add these to the bowl.

-       Gently toast your fennel seed and grind them in a pestle and mortar.

-       Add to the mix along with the other seeds.

-       Add the remaining ingredients and stir gently but thoroughly.

-       Wait 10 minutes before serving to give the flavours a chance to meddle.

-       Use this time to lay the table with pieces of toasted rye bread and mashed mackerel.

-       Gobble

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  1. Emma says:

    Are you still dairy-free? I’d love to read any dairy free recipes you have!

    • admin says:

      Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your message. I am very much still dairy free- I’m going to be much more pro-active from now on, so keep your eyes peeled for some more tasty recipes that don’t use dairy. I know it can be tricky but there’s some great alternatives out there! E x

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