Tarte Tartin

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  1. phoebe cullingworth says:

    MORE MORE MORE!!!! (recipes)

  2. Uncle Pete says:

    That Tarte Tartin looks and sounds great, but may I offer one word of warning? I’m going to, anyway!
    Some desert apples take absolutely ages to cook. They seem as if they are going to stay rubbery forever. I’ve just tried making an apple tart with what the label on the tree said were worcesters (although they don’t taste like worcesters I’ve eaten in the past). It looked pretty good, with all the plump pieces of apple on top, neatly laid out, but they were just rubbery. Not dry, not burned, just rubbery, yet the pastry was done just right. So if you are going to make an apple tart for a party, don’t just buy any old desert apple and hope it will be OK. It might be great, but it might be bouncy!

    By the way – if you have some pears which are a getting scruffy but slightly under-ripe, and you need to cook them , its great to poach them in red wine. However, if you can’t afford red wine, try cooking in water plus honey instead. Honey and pears seem to go together particularly well, and I think its as tasty as the red wine version.

    One final thought. September/October is the time of year to scrounge left-over green tomatoes from gardeners, add a few windfall apples, spices, vinegar and sugar and create some delicious chutneys for use right throughout the year.

    Enjoy your cooking!

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