This is just a quick one as I’m pooped from a super bank holiday weekend (which was super despite missing out on the Oxford food festival, what a durr brain). So this is all I want to say: I friggin’ love dinner.

The example of the dinner below was so simple but so satisfying. It was more of a supper really, still good, I say. There was some good rye bread, houmous, some leaves, marinated peppers, ‘Kettle Chips’ and a Greek salad. Oh, and a bit of plonk.

I’ve just had some photos from a disposable camera developed and although, I admit, most of the photos are of food, they have evoked some wonderful memories. This dinner may not look very impressive but it was a lovely evening and that’s all that matters really. Unless you’re a grumpus.

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  1. Arabella says:

    def. grumpus noun Arabella

    • admin says:

      No! Last night you were simply delightful, perhaps not so much towards the over-attentive waiter. Limoncello? What was he thinking?

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