I have settled in nicely now and have been exploring the area’s markets accordingly. As part of my money saving efforts, I’ve invested in some wonderful fresh herbs. Herbs are super, although a quarter of my weekly budget went in an instant, it’s a one off expense and it’s like having a living store cupboard! I’ve stuck to the basics: basil, garden mint (mojito essential), coriander and thyme but there’s always next week to expand my collection.

I properly felt like I was in an episode of Eastenders as the herb stall lady divulged intimate details of her personal life interspersed with cries of ‘fourforrafiver!’ and ‘allsmall’unsapaaand!’. I’m glad that although ‘her Nancy was giving Tom’s Rob the eye’, she had some time to tell me about the five different types of basil she had to offer and as I result I came away loaded with new fragrant friends.

Last year, I got teased for treating my basil plant as a pet; I took very good care of it and it flourished. There’s no problem with that. This time there are four of them though, so Basil is going to have to fight for attention.

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