Fried eggs

Delicious, versatile and easy. The wonderful egg. I recently listened to a podcast about frying eggs (ok, ok, ok sshhh) and they said that you should keep the heat relatively low so as not make the bottom of the egg crispy. Non-crispy egg? That’s the best bit! So, I tried it. Slimy egg is a definite no no. Here is how you should have your eggs:

I like my eggs sunny side up. Mmm hmm. Again, not very complex so here’s something a little more adventurous:

Spinach and Chickpea salad


Half a red onion, very finely chopped (I don’t like mine very oniony though so I don’t add that much)

1 tbsp wine vinegar

1 level tbsp muscavado sugar

Massive bunch of spinach (about 50p in loads of markets at the moment)

1 can of chickpeas

Handful of cranberries, soaked in freshly boiled water. -VERY GOOD

1 medium tomato, finely chopped

Chilli powder (optional)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt & pepper

1 egg

This salad is all about the texture, darling. Ha. But really, it’s a good’un and is great the next day too, so you can put some into your lunch box and have it with nice bread or something. I had it with some bean-sprouts and artichoke hearts. By the way, the budget keeping is going really well, thanks for asking.

(Eggs don’t travel well, unless hard-boiled, so maybe leave that bit out second time round)

1. Get out three bowls. Two small and one larger.
2. In the first, soak the red onion in the vinegar with the sugar.
3. Drain your chickpeas and empty them into the second bowl. With your hand mush a few of them up so they are all different shapes and sizes, leaving about half of them whole. Good for anger management.
4. Trim any stalky bits off the spinach (if using baby spinach, this isn’t necessary). Cook for 3 minutes in freshly salted boiling water, drain and refresh in cold water.
5. Then in the last bowl put the onion mixture, spinach, chickpeas, cranberries, tomato and olive oil.
6. Toss everything together and season well, with some chilli, if you’re so inclined.
7. Dish out as much as you want onto a plate- try and leave a bit.
8. Top with a fried or poached egg and some more cracked black pepper.
9. Devour.

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